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403b Retirement Newsletter-2016
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ESL (Teacher Support)

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Mayfield, Christy (Department Head) email website    
Berard, Gayle email      
Easterling, Shelley email      
Hildebrand, Colleen email      
Lorio, Katherine email    
McAllister, Gabrielle email      
Morel, Vickie email      
Patrick, Donna email    
Paul, Rebecca email website    
Pines, Ava email      
Post, Frances email website    
Rhodus, Lauren email website    
Steigman, Ellen email website    
Tully, Carole email website    
Vicknair, Patricia email website    
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Bellone, Mary (Department Head)              email website    
Bergeron, Cara email website    
Best, Julie email    
Ballantyne, James email      
Bird, Kathleen email      
Dieck, Ryan email      
Dragg, David email      
Elmassain, Mary email      
Heintz, Brittany email      
Nelson, Lenora (Gifted/Talented Department Head) email website  
Rodrigue, Patricia email      
Ryals, Robert (Trey) email      
Sisney, Jill email website    
Tassin, Darryl email      
Timmins, Christen email      
Tullier, Shannon email      
Woods, Michael email      
Wooley, Justin email      
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Barron, Cylinda (Department Head) email website    
Abbott-Frederick, Keren email website    
Este, Amy email      
Gardner, David email      
Gautreaux, Michele email website    
Gowland, Michael email      
Hoffman, Tracy email      
Junot, Martha email website    
Koll, William (Bill) email      
Mathews, Karen email      
Mathur, Neha email      
Mitchell, Mandy email    
Nolan, Charise email      
Sharp, Lisa email      
Wager, Grace email      
Social Studies
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Hulon, Penny (Department Head) email      
Arabie, Greg email website    
Carley-Guidry, Claire email      
Delouche, Cliff email      
Ditchendorf, Budd email website    
Gonzales, Hutch email      
Gremillion, Stephen email      
Hahn, Christian email      
Hunt, Travis email      
Kitzinger, Sarah email      
Parker, Charlene email      
Poore, Michelle email website    
Savino, William email website    
Tykol, Jessica email      
Wortmann, Rodney Johnny email      
Ziegler, Jeffrey email      
Foreign Language
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Randolph, Carrie (Department Head) email website  
Barr, Theresa email website    
Brooks, Wilhemina email      
Burtch, Mercy email website  
Franks, Maria email website  
Stumpf, Carol email website  
Sullivan, Carrie (ESL)        email website    
Special Education
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Fussell, Alicia (Department Head - English) email      
Caruso, Leanne (Speech Therapist) email      
Coumou, Johanna email      
Furlan, Susan (Severe Profound) email website    
Hebert, Monique (Mild-Moderate) email      
Lusk, Karen email      
Mathas, Celeste (SPED Coordinator) email      
Miller, Margaret (Mild-Moderate) email      
Muller, Sheila email      
Tesson, Patrick email      
Young, Linda email    
Zimmer, Ricky (Athletic Director, Academic Support) email    
Physical Education
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Hotard, Carly (Department Head) email      
Beason, Mark email      
Blocker, Chris email      
Materne, Michael email      
Thiel, Terry email      
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Douglas, Terry Col. (Department Head) email      
Lawshe, Frederick Sgt. email      
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Russell, Stacey (Department Head) email website    
Anderson, Deborah email      
Carambat, Deborah (CNA) email website    
Day, Robbi email website    
Frazier, Christie email      
Hinkle, Clifford email      
Jarrell, April email      
Kennedy, Tate email      
Lee, Melva email      
Miller, Rebecca email      
Mizell, Jeanie email    
O'Bryant, John email      
Regan, Katie email      
Triche, David email      
Fine Arts
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Hicks, Ralph (Department Head) email website    
Alack, Sherrel email website    
Danby, Jessica W. email website    
Dutel, Jeanne email      
Guidroz, Dana email      
Heard, Larry email      
Lemmler, Ashley email      
Mule, Kacie email website    
Polito, Jeffery email      
Shearman, Sara email website    
Townsend, Ralph email      
Vigueria, Mary email      
Brantley, Tina (Catherine) email website    
School Counseling Department
Ashby-Jackson, Ché email website    
Englande, Lori email website    
Matherne, Toni email website    
Samson, Susan email website    
Shayot, Libby email website    
Cusimano, Margaret (accounting/financial records) email      
Driscoll, Karla (discipline) email      
Ducote, Camille (student services) email    
Fox, Mary (guidance) email      
Gilbert, Donna (administrative assistant/registrar/student records) email      
Peters, Tracey (administrative assistant/front desk) email      
Student Services email      
Boren, Jeffery (JAG) email      
Colegrove, Elizabeth (Transitional Ninth) email      
Crist, Deborah (Online Class Facilitator) email      
Gordon, Gainetta email      
Lewis, Betty (Cafeteria Manager) email      
O'Hara, Shane (Graduation Coach) email      
Rappold, Aimee (Computer Para-Tech) email      

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